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About the Author

Author, Tanji Dewberry, lives in Orange, New Jersey with her 6-year old son, Evan. She received her Bachelor of Science in 1998 from the School of Communications at Northwestern University. She now successfully works on Wall Street in New York City, all while pursuing her creative passions in tandem with writing professionally, as well as painting and designing for pleasure and peace of mind. She spends her free time, renovating her new split-level colonial home, traveling and enjoying family and friends. It is her passion and love for her son, research and writing that have guided her through the complex examination into ADHD.

Tanji's son was diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) in 2011 at the age of 5. A year later, she would decide to take a medical leave from her high demanding job as a Vice President of Investor Relations to unwrap the effects of her son's diagnosis and commit herself full-time to unfolding the entire process. While Tanji was on medical leave, her father become ill. Tanji immediately returned home to Dayton, Ohio to care for him. Within two weeks her father would pass. Over the next few months, Tanji dedicated her time to learning to understand and grasp how to handle her son's negative emotions as well as celebrating the life of her father. Tanji would begin crafting, "Oh Fiddlesticks!" at the end of 2011. It would be the life of her son, that would give birth to Tanji's first children's book, and the untimely passing of her father that motivated her to finish, "Oh Fiddlesticks!" a picture book that focuses on how parents can help work through children's anger and emotions, as well as helping to provide solutions for caretakers and children to read aloud together. The process of writing the book "Oh Fiddlesticks!" would shape Tanji's growing identity and help her cope with her father's passing and her son's diagnosis.

As her son Evan's episodes increased in frequency and severity, the more Tanji found she needed answers in order to locate resources and support for her son and family. For her, going through the process to see if there was a diagnosis, whether a conclusion was drawn or not, was extremely helpful in developing a game plan. Tanji says, "I had to go through every avenue to rule things out or have information in hand to be able to support Evan." In understanding the challenges of ADHD, Tanji is was reminded of the quote, "knowing is half the battle."

Now more energized than ever, Tanji is in the process of writing other books for the Oh Fiddlesticks brand. Her vision is for it to be a set of tools that adults and children can use to address topics, in a fun and educational way. Tanji also plans to write a book chronicling her journey, as a resource to help others highlighting the importance of taking care of yourself as well as your children.